Winter - incentive activities

Biathlon - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Biathlon/ Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing or Nordic skiing combines the sensations of sliding and endurance. Go at your own pace, whether you simply want to enjoy fresh, crisp mountain air or whether you are looking for something more physically challenging. The Evolution 2 professionals will teach you the correct technique so that you can get a maximum of pleasure out of the activity.
Just add rifle shooting to cross country skiing and you’ve got biathlon! Biathlon is an Olympic activity which also requires concentration and endurance. Are you and your colleagues up to the challenge?

Buggy - activités incentives pour pour groupe et entreprises

Ice driving

Take the wheel on one of our ice driving circuits, be it a car, quad or buggy! Our motor sport professionals are on hand to organise initiation sessions, group competitions or even a full day of motor sport fun.
We have all types of cars from a Clio to a Porsche Carrera!


– Buggy driving
– Quad driving

Escalade-sur Glace- activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Ice climbing

Ice climbing means just that – a climb up a naturally formed ice structure with the help of ice axes and other climbing material. Open to beginner or experienced climbers, discover the wonders of the mountain’s stalactites and frozen waterfalls. Our experienced instructors will teach you to climb and explore the crystalline structures safely and steadily.

Fat Bike - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Fat bike and electric fat bike

The thrills of mountain biking are now also possible on the snow thanks to the Fat Bike! This bike has extra-large wheels which stabilise the bike on the snow even in Down Hill. When the slopes are closing, take a ski lift to the summit and descend the mountain in total safety with one of our instructors. Guaranteed fun at the end of a ski day!

Heliski - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise


If you are looking for large, untouched, open terrain and endless slopes then heliski is the activity for you! The helicopter will drop you off in a space worthy of a post card photo for a pure powder off-piste descent on ski or snowboard that you will never forget! Take in the breath-taking views from the helicopter as well as during the descent. Our pilots and instructors will select the best off-piste spots according to weather conditions so that you can get maximum enjoyment out of your descent.

Luge - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Sledging/traditional sledging

Experience a descent on traditional Savoyard sledge. Historically used by local children as a means of transport to get to school, the older version is called a “paret” and the newer version, a “yonner”. This traditional sledge looks slightly like a rocking horse and guarantees an outing filled with laughter and fun.

Motoneige - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise


A snowmobile ride combines the thrills of snow sports and motor sports! Contrary to other snow sports, the snowmobile allows you to cover a greater surface of the mountain in less time. There is space for a passenger on each snowmobile. If you do not wish to drive, there is also the option to be the passenger on the instructor’s snowmobile.

Plongée-sous-glace - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Ice diving

Discover the wonders hidden under the ice. Equipped with a 100% dry suit, get to know what it feels like to be an explorer in the Great North by diving under the ice and exploring the calm, serene world hidden from the surface in the heart of the mountains. Supervised by professional ice divers, and open to all levels, this activity is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.


Glacier hiking

Discover the mountain as you have never seen it before. You will touch the summit, admire the glorious landscape and experience a feeling of freedom unlike any other! Glacier hiking requires good knowledge of the terrain, a very well planned out itinerary and special equipment according to weather conditions. The Evolution 2 mountain guides will prepare your outing in advance so that you can enjoy every minute on the day.

Randonnée nocturne pour groupe et entreprises

Night time hiking

After an exciting day of activities, what could be better to wind down than an evening snow shoeing followed by a sledging descent? On your snow shoes, we will lead you to a secluded traditional yurt where you can share a privileged moment with your colleagues. You will be served a traditional Savoyard fondue meal made with local cheeses, breads and charcuterie. All of this in a relaxed, unique environment finishing around a camp fire under the stars… Magic!

Raquette à neige pour groupe et entreprises - activités incentives

Snow shoeing

Snow shoeing is hiking in the snow. The snow shoes allow hikers to access quieter, untouched areas far from the ski slopes which offer breath-taking panoramic views. An activity which can be adapted to all levels, whether you are looking for a light walk or a more sporty challenge up to the summits. Our guides will equip you with the necessary material according to your level. Evolution 2 even offers a return flight in a helicopter to the resort once you have finished your hike!

Ski pour groupe et entreprises - activités incentives


Whether you have never skied before or whether you would like to perfect your technique, we can offer you tuition adapted to your level with one of our qualified instructors.

Off-piste skiing : if you would like to do a descent where you feel like you are floating on your skis in the best quality powder, then an off-piste outing is for you! We can offer you an off-piste session with all of the latest equipment accompanied by an experienced, fully qualified instructor. Our professionals will teach you to adapt to all types of terrain as well as the safety guidelines when skiing off-piste. You will be equipped with all of the necessary safety material for a highly enjoyable outing.

Freestyle & Freeride : If you already have a good level of ski and you would like to take things to the next level, our instructors are on hand to teach you new tricks and to help you evolve in the snow parks and on powder.

Ski Joeering - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise


Once used as a means of transport by Swedish mountain people, skijoring has since become a snow sport with a difference. Let yourself glide on the snow thanks to the team of horses that will be pulling you along. This activity is available for all levels of skier, except complete beginners, and guarantees to bring a team closer together.

snowscoot - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Ski-bike / Snow-scoot

The difference between a ski-bike and snow-scoot is simple: on the ski-bike you are sitting down and on the snow-scoot you are standing up. Whatever your preference, you are guaranteed to feel all the thrills on your descent. Our instructors will show you how to descend in total safety for a maximum amount of fun! One thing to know, you can ride on the snow-scoot on any type of snow (including off-piste), whereas the ski-bike is only for on-piste riding.

ski de randonnée - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Ski touring

With ski touring, large, open, untouched spaces and perfect powder are yours for the taking! After a few hours of uphill, take the “skins” off your skis, have a snack with your Evolution 2 guide and prepare yourself for a special descent that you will never forget.

Snake gliss - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Snake luge

Luging is one of the most popular snow activities, suitable for all ages and levels. After a day of skiing, enjoy a moment of laughter and silliness with a snake luge outing. It basically consists of several sledges attached together to form a snake-like sledge, perfect for larger groups and accompanied by our specialists!

snowboard - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise


Whether you are a beginner or you just want to perfect your technique, Evolution 2 can offer you a group suitable to your level and a fully qualified instructor in order to improve as quickly as possible and of course have the most fun!

Off-piste: Did you know that the first ever snowboard was designed for powder? Take a chance on a snowboard off-piste session and discover the sensations of riding on powder. Our professionals will share their advice so that you can tackle any type of snow and also teach you the safety procedures for riding off-piste. You will be equipped with the most up-to-date safety material so that you can ride in total confidence.

Freeride & Freestyle: If you already have a good level on a snowboard and would like to take it to the next level, our instructors are on-hand to give you their advice in order to use the snow parks and teach you new tricks on powder.

snowkite - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Snow kiting

With snow kiting, your days of queuing for the ski lift are over! Thanks to the kite, you won’t need the ski lift to go up, the force of the wind in the kite will be enough to get you up the mountain. The idea is the same as kitesurfing and requires certain material. Our instructors will teach you the correct way to control the kite and will take you to the best spots for this sport.

Speedriding - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Speed riding

Speed riding combines the pleasures of skiing with the pleasures of paragliding thanks to its specially designed kite which allows you to fly over non-skiable zones or to land on untouched off-piste areas. If you are an advanced skier looking to experience new sensations, speed riding won’t disappoint!

Splitboard - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Split boarding

Split boarding combines ski touring and snowboarding, so that snowboarders can also experience an unforgettable descent. A split board is a snowboard that is literally split in two with skins attached to the bottom so that the rider can complete the ascension up the mountain. Once you reach the summit, enjoy a snack with your instructor before attaching the 2 halves of your snowboard back together for an unforgettable descent in the fresh powder.

traîneau à chiens - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Dog sledding

Travel back in time with a dog sledding ride and discover the magical world of “mushing”. Comfortably seated in the sled, you will discover the traditional means of transport of the hunter from the Great North. Your musher will regale you with anecdotes from this ancient period when these amazing pack dogs were essential to daily living.

télémark - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Telemark skiing

Telemark skiing was invented in Norway in 1968 making it one of the oldest skiing techniques. The heel of the ski boot isn’t attached to the ski, meaning that turns must be negotiated by bending the leg which makes it a delicate discipline. Once our guide teaches you the correct technique, one thing is certain, you will have a unique style!