Activités team building été pour votre entreprise

Spring and summer incentive activities

Bouée tractée - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise


Take your place in these inflatable buoy structures of all different shapes and challenge yourself to stay the longest on the buoy without falling despite the efforts of the motor boat which pulls you along!
Tubing guarantees a good laugh in a group, ideal for building team cohesion.


Canoe / Kayak

The canoe and the kayak are both excellent ways of exploring the sea and making new discoveries. With these, you have access to hidden spots like rivers and creeks that are inaccessible on foot. You can go for a few hours, a full day or even several days of nautical adventure.

Canyoning - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise


Test your agility with a canyoning outing. This activity is a mix of hiking, climbing and swimming. The goal is to descend down the river bed all the while overcoming different obstacles like water holes, jumps and the river current. You can choose the level of difficulty that you would like to try, all levels are welcome from beginners to advanced. No matter the level, our guides are on hand to make sure that you are safe and that you get the most out of your experience!

char à voile - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Sand Yatch

The sand yacht is an original way to combine sailing and speed! From the cockpit, use the pedals to steer the yacht and the wind will help you do the rest. You will only need a 30 minute lesson in order to drive the sand yacht by yourself, from then on it’s all yours!

Dragon Boat - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Dragon Boat

If you are looking for an activity that is both fun and challenging, then dragon boating is the activity for you! In teams of 6, you and your colleagues will work together to row the boat. Coordination and teamwork are key in order to achieve this goal. Our instructors will be on hand to give a short lesson at the beginning of the session which will enable you to row and coordinate as well as possible and have lots of fun!

escalade - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a great way to explore the mountain’s hidden gems. Whether you are a first timer or looking to perfect your technique, challenge yourself with a mountaineering experience and watch your confidence grow!

jetski - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing offers a fun and original way to discover the coastline. Whether you are looking for a relaxing discovery outing or something a little faster and more adventurous, jet skiing is a great way to have fun between colleagues.

Kitesurf - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Kite Surfing

Any kite surfer can tell you that kite surfing is the sport that brings about the best sensations of freedom. Thanks to recent advances in materials, our instructors are fully equipped to send you out there in a safe and fun environment.

Plongée sous marine - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Scuba diving

Explore the magical world of the sea with a scuba dive. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, our qualified instructors will take you on a journey through the depths of the sea. Our scuba diving centres are equipped with the most cutting edge diving equipment and each instructor is very well briefed on the safety procedures associated with this activity.

Promenade en barque - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Boat ride

Discover the river’s beautiful landscape with a boat ride in a traditional wooden boat. You can trust us to choose the most picturesque rivers for a boat ride that you won’t forget. Our guides will take you to the most secluded, hidden parts of the river that are inaccessible on foot. Each guide is passionate about his region and is full of anecdotes and historical facts.

Quad - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise


Whether you are the driver or the passenger, a quad ride is an excellent way to explore your beautiful surroundings. The outings can last as little as one hour or as long as a full day. Discover hidden paths and embrace the freedom of exploring on a quad!

Randonnée - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise


Hiking is the first step to discovering the mountains. What could be better than getting to know the terrain in the simplest way possible?

This activity can be done in a group or individually. It allows you to take your time, stop and breathe in the fresh air and take advantage of a privileged moment with nature.
Accompanied by a local guide, you will discover the hidden secrets of the mountain paths and the history behind the area.

Charte Evolution 2 pour vos événements

Rafting and similar water activities

Discover the mountain’s rivers with a rafting outing and feel the thrills of white water! The raft is an inflatable, unsinkable structure which allows you to navigate the rapids whilst having the most fun. Teamwork is key in order to overcome the rapids and the increasing current.

– Canoe Raft
The canoe raft or “hot-dog” is an inflatable structure similar to a raft but the same size as a canoe allowing you and your partner to set your own rhythm for the descent. This activity reinforces team cohesion and improves communication between participants in order to achieve a common goal.

– Hydrospeed
Hydrospeed is a white water descent where each participant has their own floatable board. In small groups, become one with the river and let the current guide you down its winding path.

Ski nautique - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Water skiing

Feel the sensations of skiing on a lake or on the sea by skiing in the wake of the motorboat that tows you … After a few attempts, you may even be able to jump the waves. For a little more technical and original practice, we can also introduce you to monoski.

Paddle - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise

Stand-up paddle

Easy to learn, stand-up paddle is undoubtedly the most playful craft invented in recent years. Discover a corner of a beach or a cove, surf a wave, walk on the water or do fitness while enjoying a water ride …. pleasure guaranteed!

surf - activités incentives pour groupe et entreprise


By choosing surf for your activity between colleagues, they are indescribable sensations that you will share … Forget all the time for a moment and slip into the hollow of a wave to become one with the water. With the advice of Evolution 2  instructors and thanks to adapted equipment, the surf is now accessible to all and remains the sport of gliding king. Do not wait any longer and join the great community of scavengers!


Zip line

Going down is never sensational enough for you? Then you will be seduced by the zip line.
The giant zip line is an aerobatic activity. Between hang-gliding and free-fall, you will reach 100 km / h while lying down very quickly. After that, you will not want to walk down again.

Via ferrata - Activités incentives

Via ferrata

The middle ground between hiking and mountain climbing, via ferrata is an obstacle course on the mountain cliff equipped with cables, ropes and ladders.
For all levels and with all equipment provided, discover the sensations the mountain cliff has to offer.
Go at your own rhythm and take the time to take in your surroundings with a view from above.
Our instructors are waiting to teach you how to climb safely and steadily.


Mountain biking & electric MTB

The mountain bike is specifically designed to tackle all types of terrain which makes it the ideal bike to descend the mountain’s paths and trails. With trails adapted for all levels, a simple bike outing during a seminar allows colleagues to get to know each other better in an enjoyable setting.

– Mountain bike – initiation
– Mountain bike – adventure


Wake-boarding / Wake surfing

This is a very new sport where you will be pulled along the back of a motor boat by a cord in order to surf the wave created by the boat on a board similar to a surf board. This activity is fun, challenging and guarantees a lot of laughs!