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South West destinations

Activités incentives et séminaires à Biarritz

Anglet – Basque country

Anglet, an elegant seaside town on the Basque coast. A very popular destination with large beaches loved by surfers.
Take a Hawaiian canoe ride in the beautiful Saint Jean de Luz Bay and taste their excellent tapas.
Experience the thrill of the zip line and fly above the lake in St Pée sur Nivelle, 600m long at a speed of 100km/h!
Discover the heart of the Basque country through its traditional games and amazing local cuisine.

Activités incentives et séminaires à Lacanau


An internationally renowned coastal hub thanks to its surfing world cup and an exceptional play ground between the lake, the pine forest and the bike trails.
Located just beside the beautiful city of Bordeaux known for the quality of its delicious wines.
Situated just 45 minutes from the Bordeaux airport, Lacanau offers a multitude of activities for culture, sport and taste lovers.

Not to be missed:
– Nautical Challenge with 3 nautical activities combined
– Hawaiian canoe outing followed by a meal on an island
– Treasure hunt in Zodiac